Pets of the Week!

Here are The River’s Pets of the Week brought to you by Maria’s House of Grooming!


This is your chance to find your new furry best friend!


Smooches is the perfect name for this fluffy gal, because she’s just so cute you want to smooch her! Smooches is about 6 years old, spayed, and up to date on vaccinations. She prefers to be the center of attention, so she’s do better in a home of her own where she’s the only star. Smooches is very affectionate and is all about her snuggles! For more information, contact Port City Cat Rescue at



This distinguished looking fellow is Rookie! Don’t let his name fool you though, he’s an expert at loving and playing with folks! Rookie is a 10 month old Terrier/Bully mix that deserve a home that gives him the attention he deserves. For more information on Rookie, contact Caddo Parish Animal Control at 318-226-6624

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About our Sponsor:

Hi! My name is Maria Digilormo. I was born in Saltillo, Mexico. At age 15, as a birthday present, I got that grey poodle. Our groomer opened a kennel club and started doing dog shows. My family joined.

We eventually started adding poodles to the family. That’s when I started grooming. I would watch our groomer, then go home and practice on my poodles.

From the age of 19 to 24, I attended veterinary college and graduated in 1994. I then opened my first clinic/grooming salon. In April of 2004, I decided to go to Canada to learn English. First, I stopped in Louisiana to visit with some friends and fell in love with this place and the friendly people so I decided to stay here.

In 2005, I met Jason, the love of my life, and 6 months later, we married! I worked at Pet Smart as a groomer for 7 years and am now we are opening our own House of Grooming. Thank you for stopping by!



for more information on Maria’s House of Grooming, Check out her website at



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