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Here are  Maria’s House of Grooming’s Pets of the Week!


This is your chance to find your new furry best friend!

Patch – I’m a beautiful 7 year old guy. I came to Pet Savers after having been with my owner all my life, but then he hit some hard times. It broke his heart to give me up. He cried so hard when he walked me to my kennel and hugged me for the last time. All I have left now is my pillow from home and a T-Shirt with my beloved human’s scent on it. He will be moving 800 miles away and I have to start over somehow. . I’m up to date on my shots, house-trained and neutered. Keep in mind I’m a large dog — around 100 lbs. I was adopted but had to be returned because I didn’t do well with other pets.  Also I need a home without any small children.  I’ve been doing well with everyone here at Pet Savers they take me for walks and rides. For more information, contact Pet Savers at 636-0400


Janice is an adorable Persian who has FIV and had to be shaved due to her mats in her fur. Bless her heart! She is so funny.. she has the loudest , raspiest meow when she wants attention and she enjoys exploring. FIV cats can live just as long as other cats, they just need bi-annual checkups and to be kept indoors. She would love a home! For more information, contact Port City Cat Rescue at




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About our Sponsor:

Hi! My name is Maria Digilormo. I was born in Saltillo, Mexico. At age 15, as a birthday present, I got that grey poodle. Our groomer opened a kennel club and started doing dog shows. My family joined.

We eventually started adding poodles to the family. That’s when I started grooming. I would watch our groomer, then go home and practice on my poodles.

From the age of 19 to 24, I attended veterinary college and graduated in 1994. I then opened my first clinic/grooming salon. In April of 2004, I decided to go to Canada to learn English. First, I stopped in Louisiana to visit with some friends and fell in love with this place and the friendly people so I decided to stay here.

In 2005, I met Jason, the love of my life, and 6 months later, we married! I worked at Pet Smart as a groomer for 7 years and am now we are opening our own House of Grooming. Thank you for stopping by!



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