Saws, Paws, Sprinkles, and Unicorns!

Sorry for the radio silence on the blog front! (Heh, heh…) It’s been an absolutely crazy past few days.

As many of y’all know, over the weekend my husband hurt his hand on the table saw while renovating our kitchen. I will spare you a gory picture of the aftermath.Ā Thankfully, he’s fine! But it’s thrown a definite wrench into our lives recently. He’s right hand dominant, so of course that’s the hand that ended up being injured. He’s been a trooper throughout the entire process, even when all the medicine they have him on ends up making him sick. So a lot of my time has been devoted to making sure he’s got everything he needs to be comfortable, and making sure our house doesn’t fall apart from the mountains of laundry and dishes we go through!

On top of all that, Pawchella 2017 is right around the corner!! We’re all so excited about this event, and we want to make it the absolute best experience for y’all so each member of the team has been working extra hard to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. I love all the fur-babies, so I’ve really taken this project to heart. Several of our shelter’s from Pets of the Week will be out there, and we’re going to have tons of games for the critters and kids alike! Please be sure to swing by for at least a bit. šŸ™‚

SO, today I decided to have an indulgent day! This afternoon is my horseback riding day, and thought it would be great to kick it off with one of those new Unicorn Frappuccinos fromĀ Starbucks. They’reĀ the newest craze, and as you see from the picture, GORGEOUS! It’s like the Lisa Frank of drinks. Until you drink it…. The base isĀ creamy, with watery fruit flavors swirled throughout, and the sourest sprinkles in the world on top. Fortunately, theĀ Starbucks was right across theĀ roadĀ  from Chickfil-a so I drove over and tossed. Then ordered someĀ chicken nuggets! After all,Ā it IS my indulgent day! šŸ˜‰

Until we type again!




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