Do you want a $300, 7lb chocolate Easter egg?

Chocolate eggs on order with names on them are seen at Dominique Persoone's Chocolate Line in Antwerp, Belgium on Thursday, March 28, 2013. Belgium is proud of its mastery of chocolate and boasts more than 200 chocolate firms and over 2,000 chocolate stores. The years of experience have created a pool of chocolate-making talent, such as Dominique Persoone, who depend on their own skills and ingredients to make their product unique. (AP Photo/Virginia Mayo)

Well you’ll need to travel to Delaware to get it. According to CBS Govatos Chocolate is selling this monster egg, which is hand decorated and filled with an assortment of chocolate! If you eat it you’ll gain 7 pounds, but you’ll also be $300 poorer. Looking at it though, we think it’s worth it!

-Ryan Radio Program

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