A Friday Light In The Darkness Thought :

“We are not miracle workers, but day-workers.
Now is night, there is no time to ponder.
We must do what is in our hands to do,
and trust with simple faith
that our work will make the dark into day.”

Light radiates in waves. Music radiates in waves. Today,while it
is still day I will let my little light shine and make only joyful noise.
In my going & in my coming,right in the midst of dark times,places,circumstances -hopefully a bright beam proceeds from my mouth. And I will proclaim all that I surely know:
“Jesus loves me this I know,For
the Bible tells me so…”

Each one,reaching one,right where we are. The result would be a Supernova of light radiating,on a hill…
illuminating & absorbing any darkness.

Shine on,you crazy diamonds !

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