A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action Please!

Motivational Moments are brought to you by Timeline Antiques at 3323 Line Ave.

“Think a little less, live a little more” 

Get out of your mind! Easier said that done, right?

We are the best at talking ourselves out of something. Sure, we ask other people for their opinion but the ultimate decider is you. You’re the one who weighs all the options and gets to pick what you do!

So don’t over think it! Live with a little impulse. Think of putting a crazy color in your hair or trying a new cut? Go for it! It’s hair, it grows back. Always wanted to travel, and now the opportunity is here? Jump on it! You’ll kick yourself in the long run if you don’t.

Don’t wake up one day with regrets over something you should have done. Live more!




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