Another 72 Bite The Dust !

it has been around,well it seems forever!  As the old guys were prone to say when I was just a kid,”Boys it don’t look good.”

Sears is closing another 72 stores.  Say it ain’t so.  Surely,if Sears goes the way of A&P  or your locally owned,independent hardware store…well,let’s not think of that now.  There were Sears Stores,Sears catalogs,Sears repairmen that came to “fix”  the appliances you parents bought back in 1966. Then the new school clothes  your Mom purchased for you the last week in August.  Who can forget those Sears Craftsman  tools your Dad would never let you play with?

It’s part of our American dna. SEARS ! I remember when everyone called it by its original name:Sears Roebuck.  Your parents & grandparents had an account there. When you got married,Sears May have been you go to place to establish your credit history. Remember?

i sure hope Sears doesn’t go the way of Pterodactyls and such !

~ J J   O’Brien ~



Sheesh,the Sun is extra bright today ! His story is history ! No more swim suits & high heels ! Throwing Rocks Into The Sky I heard the news today-OH BOY !!! You kids, get off my grass !