Are Your Words Enough?

“Limit the use of ‘always’ and ‘never'”

It’s like the phrase, “well I wouldn’t lie to you!” I should certainly hope not, but now you’ve got me wondering since you felt the need to preface your thoughts with that!

When you make somebody a promise, or tell them you’ll do (or not do) something your heart should be in it. Don’t ever agree to something if you aren’t wholeheartedly committed to making it happen It’s easy to get caught up in the romance and magic of the moment and think how fun it would be, but you have to remember everything good can come with something bad too.

Even the cutest puppies & kittens have poopy/pukey moments. If  you can’t handle the yuck moments, you don’t deserve to have all the good moments for yourself.

Let your actions and words match each other.


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