Bachelor Spin-Off for Senior Citizens

Ryan Radio has a description of some supposed differences contestants (who must be 65+ to be considered) can expect, if fortunate enough to be cast for this as yet to be named competition. “Bachelor mansion will be known as The Assisted Living Set. Hot tub scenes will become icy-hot rubdowns. Group dates will be walking a mall and feeding pigeons in a park. Rose presentations replaced with a distribution of Werthers Originals. There will be a Bingo night. Fantasy suites are equipped with stabilization bars. Champagne is replaced with Ensure supplement drinks. Challenge winners awards are personalized compression socks. Dumped contestants will not be dismissed with good bye; instead they will be told -rest in peace.”

Disclaimer: This information is as accurate as it can be made; there is no stipulation or warranty that it in any way reflects the actual intent of the producers of this as yet named and cast competition!

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