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“There is no excuse for bad manners” 

Not one! I don’t care if you’re having the worst day in the history of man, you can still take 2 seconds and say thank you if somebody holds the door for you. Or be the nice person and hold the door for the next person. 😉

Little acts of kindness are like ripples in a pond–they spread and inspire other good deeds! Parents, remember your children watch every move you make, just like a hawk. If they see you practicing good manners and kindness, they will follow suit. Be the kind of adult you want them to grow up to be!

Doing something small and kind can brighten a day, and distract from anything bad that may be preoccupying you.

Practice your manners today. Listen to the story that seems to have no end—you may be the only one they get to talk to all day. Help the older couple struggling to get their groceries in the car–wouldn’t you want help if it was your family?


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