Blame it all on my roots, I’ve got friends in many places!

“Unexpected friendships are the best ones” 

Garth Brooks may have friends in low places, but I think it’s more fun to have friends in all the places!

And it’s funny how often you can end up being friends with somebody you would have never thought about.

I can think of a quite a few examples in my own life…. One of my friends works for a competitor’s radio station. Our shows aren’t on at the same time, but our end goal is definitely the same! We want to be the best at what we do, and have our respective stations be the leader in the community. Even though we will always strive to outdo each other with our jobs, it’s so AWESOME to have a friend in the same industry and same town who can relate to my struggles! She gets why I’m frustrated when something small at work blows up, or why that ONE coworker makes me want to day drink…..

People think that because we’re competitors, we shouldn’t be friends. Isn’t that silly though? Life is supposed to be about taking care of the people around you, and supporting each other. Build each other up, listen when they need to vent, and offer helpful advice when you can! It’s already hard enough getting through each day, so cherish those unlikely friendships. Treasure your fellow weirdos who love the same quirky things as you!

Find your tribe of strangelings, and never look back.


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