Caddo’s 12 Strays of Christmas

Caddo Parish Animal Shelter at 1500 Monty St. in Shreveport is doing something special to help their furry residents find a home for the holidays—the 12 Strays of Christmas! Each day we’ll add more photos and bios of the shelter animals looking for a furever family.

Today starts our “12 Strays of Christmas” event! We will be featuring one special dog and cat available for adoption each day, until Friday, December 13th. Adoption fee for each of these special shelter residents will be 1/2 off, so only $25. Check our Facebook page each day and click on the comments below to find out more about each one. Make this the best Christmas ever by providing a forever home to a shelter animal! MEET KEYS and DAPHNE!




Trouble is a cute kitty who is looking for her very own Christmas miracle! She has grown since we saw her last because she’s been spending most of her time at the North Pole with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus! And although they love her very much, they have decided that they would like for her to spend the rest of her life with her forever family, just in time for the holidays! Make her dreams true by adopting her! Trouble is a 6 month old black and white female kitty. Come meet her today!


Mika is a sweet girl who just happens to be very good friends with Santa’s elves! We hear she’s been busy making children’s wishes come true by helping the elves make toys! She would love nothing more than to personally deliver those toys to all of this year’s good girls and boys! Make her wishes come true too, by giving her the gift of a forever home!

Missy: T ’was the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even…Missy. Yeah, so I changed it up a bit, but it would be true! I am a total lap kitty and I love to look out of the window at the winter night sky. Come meet me and give me the forever home I have been dreaming of!

VALENTINA- Do you smell that?  It’s the scent of Christmas in the air!  Trees, fruits and nuts, and the best scent of all…..cookies!!!! I’ve really enjoyed my time hanging out at the North Pole with all of my friends and we’ve had lots of fun together, but it’s really time for me to find my very own home where I can curl up in front of the fireplace and nap all winter long!  My name is Valentina and I’m a 1 ½ year old female Lab!  I’m really looking forward to meeting you!


McSpicy: Despite my name, I am as sweet as a sugar cookie on Santa’s plate. He and I had a conversation recently while I rested on his lap and he said he would work extra hard to get me home for the holidays, but he needs your help! Won’t you come and make me the holiday gift that keeps on giving?


Look who’s been hanging out with Frosty the Snowman?!  As you can tell, Scout has been having too many snowball fights with the Santa’s elves at the North Pole, I mean all that snow has turned him mostly white, so he’s definitely ready for a white Christmas.  My name is Scout and I’m a 10 month old male Lab mix who’s ready to get his Christmas wish!


I’m loving this cold weather because it reminds me of holiday time and my old friend Frosty the Snowman.  We have snowball fights and sleigh races sometimes with the elves because there’s not much to do up here at the North Pole.  That’s why I’m so excited at the thought of being adopted and taking a ride in Santa’s sleigh to get to you!  My name is Lil’ Beggin’ and I am a six month old female terrier mix and I am so happy it’s almost time for me to find my new forever family!

Apple: So I was born here at the North Pole. I have tried to learn the elf way but I’m going to be very honest, not having opposable thumbs and wanting to PLAY WITH EVERYTHING is making it really hard to be an elf kitty. Santa pats me on the head quite often and tells me it is going to be okay because he is going to find me a home where I can play with toys made specifically for me. I’m sure he will approve of whoever comes to meet me, as long he knows that they will love me forever and take the very best care of me. Come see me today!


Did you know that I am one of Santa’s favorite pups?  I was voted cutest pup by all of my friends at the North Pole, so it must be true!  How would you like to see for yourself how awesome I am? You can check me out at the shelter because Santa just brought me back in the hopes that I will be adopted for Christmas!  My name is Jadie and I’m a 10 month old Hound/Lab mix!  Let’s experience the magic of Christmas together!

Kiwi: Like my sibling, Apple, I too was born here at the North Pole. I try to stay out of the way of the elves, better to not be tempted. I would much rather catch snowflakes on my tongue and sit in the kitchen with Mrs. Claus. Her cooking is the best, but she does not know that I know that so let’s keep that between us. Anyways, growing up here has been fun but I am ready for a home of my own. You should really come meet me and see how sweet I am!



If you need some help decorating your Christmas tree, Valentino is just the dog that you’ve been looking for!  He’s an expert at decorating Santa’s home at the North Pole and he’s looking for his very own forever home to decorate.  Maybe it’s yours? My name is Valentino and I’m a

1 ½ year old male Lab mix.


Posh: My fluffy coat was built for the snow that Frosty and I play in, but don’t think that is where I like to be all of the time! You can usually find me playing with the toys the elves made or in front of Santa’s fireplace, but what I would really love is to be found in my forever home. Won’t you come meet me and help me find my forever home?


I told Santa my biggest wish, which it to find my forever home for the holidays. He said he would do his best to make it happen for me!  I’m all ready to go home with you, and Santa told me that he could even deliver me himself in his sled with all the reindeer guiding us! Oh boy, I can’t wait for that!  My name is Lucila and I’m a 7 month old female Lab mix.  Let’s spend the holidays together!



Sybil: You know what goes really well with black and white? A red collar with a bow on it! Santa had one on me but, I played too hard with Rudolf, so he said it would be better if I waited to get a new one in my new home. I don’t like waiting though and I feel like I have waited for a bit too long for the puurfect family. Santa said it will happen this holiday and I believe him! Come meet me soon!



Guess what my favorite Christmas movie is?  ‘A Christmas Story’! I’m just like the little boy Ralphie in the movie and we do share the same name.  Well, I am actually a little better behaved than him!  In fact, I’ve even made Santa’s list for ‘good doggies’ this year!  Santa said that means that I deserve the best home ever! My name is Ralphie and I’m a one year old male terrier mix.  Let’s meet and see if there’s a magic connection!


Sporty Spice: Black cats are always seen as bad luck but Santa always tells me I am his good luck charm. I have helped him many times up here at the North Pole! He said it is time for me to share my good luck with a new family, so he is helping me look for the puurfect one. All he asks is that you come in and meet me and makes sure that I will be the best fit for your home and family!

Peachy: The North Pole has been kind not only to me but to my kittens that I had here. They provided shelter, a nice warm fire, food, and a place for my babies to grow and learn. Santa said I am able to stay as long as I need to, but a home of my own is my real holiday wish and Santa said he would work his hardest to make that happen. Come meet me and let’s spark some holiday magic!

Pink : Santa loves the color red, but my personality was a bit too soft for a name like red so he named me Pink. He really loves how playful and affectionate I am which is why he said he would put the elves to work on getting me my very own home. He said he would miss me napping on his lap by the fireplace but he knows there is a puurfect family out there for me.Come by the North Pole to meet me today and I know I will melt your heart.

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