Christmas Chronicles of Biskie’s Weekend!

Good morning sunshines!

Happy Monday to my fellow worker bees who would rather be cozied up in their hive of blankets at home. I feel your pain, but we must press on!

This weekend was CRAZY busy, but full of festive cheer!

Friday evening, I was invited to participate in an art show at Stonebridge Country Club. First, OMG! Beautiful venue, and lovely folks. Next, the ARTWORK. We have so many talented artists in our community. Pet portraits by Megan Davis Taylor Art, gilded oyster shell art (who knew that was a thing??) from Allison Rymes, beautiful Louisiana themed oil paintings, candles, jewelry, body care, aaaaaaand dog treats! Hey, baking is art too! 😉 Support your local artists this holiday season and buy something timeless. Art is appreciated by everyone

Saturday, I woke up and moved in my kitchen! Like literally. I was in my kitchen from 8am until around 1:30 when I left to set up for Christmas at the Park at RiverPark Church.  Another festive event to put you in the holiday mindset! Santa was wandering about, the snow was falling, and the vendors were full of Christmas Cheer! It was a sight to behold once it got dark and all of the lights showcased the vendor’s hard work. So many people don’t think about the love and dedication it takes to create these things. Jellies, salsa, wreaths, stockings, signs, and yet again, dog treats! I bought my fair share of goodies to bring home, because I can’t resist. As a result, I’ve been munching on George’s Salsa all weekend, and my Papa will be getting strawberry jelly from Lazy Beagles Farm in his Christmas present! A big perk to these events is getting a chance to visit with people I don’t normally get to see. Bob & Tina Chambers, Lynn & Chris Drott, Jenny & Vickie, Gray & Dawn, Meredith & kiddos, and Debbie and Deborah all get extra props in my book! It’s so nice to look up and see a familiar face and catch up with friends. 🙂 AND! Sweet Debbie brought by donations for Paws with a Purpose! Even better!

In the midst of my peddling, my delightful husband provided some Christmas cheer to surprise me with when I arrived home. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!!!!!! I freaking love Christmas lights. And sweet Josh humors me every year by outdoing himself and adding more and more lights. To top the night off, we had a fire in the fire pit and then watched the new Christmas movie on Netflix called The Christmas Chronicles. So good! Wonderful message, and a delightful twist. And ladies, how have I been snoozing on what a babe Kurt Russell is? Sheeshk!

So after all this activity, I decided Sunday would be my bum day. It’s the day that I hang out with the critters and dedicated volunteers at Ninna’s Road to Rescue, but I don’t have to be there super early. I was going to sleep in, enjoy a cup of tea, and snuggle my precious little furbabies. EXCEPT THEY HAD OTHER PLANS. At 4:30am, they decided mother must make up for all the time spent away and be up RIGHT NOW. Sleeping in was a bust, but it wasn’t a bad day overall. I got to love on the shelter pets, and I came home to the smell of Christmas throughout the house because Josh picked up our tree! (Read about that tomorrow) I managed to decorate it without the new kitten crawling in it, and I have to say it looks marvelous. 🙂

Thus concludes the weekend Christmas Chronicles of Biskie! What did YOU do this weekend? Tell me! Call me up, or post a comment!




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