Craaaaazy! Maybe I’m Crazy?

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“Life needs a little crazy”

This photo was taken at Gators & Friends right after we moved to Louisiana 5 years ago! Y’all have managed to fatten me up nicely in that amount of time….

Life has been crazy at times, but it’s not been bad! The hubby and I have made it through deployments, through fire ant infestations, ┬áthe AC going out in the summer, (WORST THING EVER!) a flood that almost got our house, and so many more things. And while they’ve been incredibly stressful at times, it’s created growth of character.

You’re going to get curve balls thrown at you, and you’ll have to learn to dodge or absorb the blows.

OR, do something crazy and throw your own curve ball! Die your hair pink, add another cat to the family, or don’t wear pants. (Just please stay home if you do!)

Make your own kind of crazy today.




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