Daylight Savings Disdain

Daylight Savings Day 2 has my tail dragging, and receives a look of utter disdain from me.

And Hazel! Because nobody manages to give looks of disdain as well as cats do. Don’t let her look fool you though! Hazel is actually quite sweet. She’s soft as a bunny, and about as timid as one too. I snuggle Hazel each week when I help at Ninna’s Road to Rescue, and try to help her get a little more comfortable with humans and the other fuzzbutts that run around in the Meoux House!

The initial wake up yesterday for Daylight Saving’s wasn’t hard, just because I knew I was going to cuddle the cats and pet the pups that are at Ninna’s right now. But today with no kittens or puppies to entice me, I confess I’m struggling a little more to stay awake and stay bright eyed and bushy tailed!

So I’ll sip my coffee, turn up the music, and fake it til I make it. 😉

If you’re struggling too, try looking at all the cute cats and dogs on Ninna’s Road to Rescue website! You may find a new furry best friend, or discover you’d like to volunteer and love on these babies until they find a fur-ever home.

Happy tails!




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