Do You Feel Lucky? You Should!

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I don’t have a catchy phrase for today’s motivation.

Calm down, you don’t have to be THAT excited! 😉

Today’s MM comes from an experience I had early while dropping off the last of the Paws with a Purpose donations to Nova’s Heart.

Sidebar—-Nova’s Heart is one of the underappreciated, behind the scenes organizations that helps Shreveport’s homeless community. Their mission statement is: “We are striving to do more to help the pets of the homeless and those going through financial crisis with food, collars, harnesses, leashes, spay/neuter, and vaccines.” Founded by Loraine Guerrero, there’s no telling how many people and their pets this organization has helped. They pass out dog and cat food, provide services like vaccinations and spay/neuter to a group of people that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them.—-

Today, I talked to a man who was overjoyed that he was able to do his laundry for the first time in weeks, and got 2lbs of food for his dog from Nova’s Heart. He was disappointed he didn’t have enough cash to buy a tube of Neosporin to help his dog’s ear infection, but was just happy to be able to feed him.


Remember how lucky we are.

A tube of Neosporin is what, $5? If you or I needed some, we’d swing by CVS or a gas station and grab it without a thought. And how many times this week alone have I complained about doing laundry? It took everything in me to not cry while talking to this man.

When I was explaining this to a person they said, “How stupid can a person be to take on an animal when they can’t even take care of themselves?”  I managed to not lose my temper when I responded. Imagine you have nothing. Truly, NOTHING. You have no home, no income, no phone, no family or friends to turn to. You eat when you can scrounge something up, and bathe when you have the opportunity. Then, you come across a dog or a cat in the same situation as you. You know you can go find food, you know there are occasional resources for you. But this animal? They’re on their own too.

Even when these men and women are at point where they have nothing, they show compassion to others in need.

Isn’t that beautiful? They have every right to be disenchanted, and angry at their situation. They have more reason than any of us to not help stray animals, but they are the first to do something.

We have so much we don’t appreciate on a daily basis. I think we know this, but we forget it. Especially as soon as we see another person walk by with something bigger or shinier than ours.

Today, remember how lucky you are. How much you should be thankful for!


PS. If you’re interested in learning more about Nova’s Heart, or want to help their cause, click on the blue link to reach their FB page!