A fortune teller sitting at a desk gesturing at a glowing crystal ball. The bald man with the long beard wearing an elegant black suit, a white button down shirt and a tie. He is staring concentrated at the camera.

Ryan Radio has been provided results of a Warner Brothers ‘Friday 13th Survey’ that found:

  • 21% of people follow superstitions on Friday the 13th
  • 34% of people will act with caution or look out for omens of good or bad fortune (luck)

Ryan Radio staff appreciates the film company’s provision of this information. We have decided among ourselves that these stats don’t affect us, as we regularly throw caution to the wind and  have the good fortune to produce live radio weekday mornings, 6 till 10 A.M. -regardless of Friday the 13th… or virus…or that “they” cancelled Saint Patrick’s Day…

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