I heard the news today-OH BOY !!!

People are still starving the world over. Coastlands are eroding away. Yellowstone- one of 2 Super Volcanies in the U S  is getting hotter & the land is rising.  When it erupts,6 states will be wiped way. Then there’s little thing of all that radioactive  spent fuel rods & the like buried…somewhere.  Anger has hit like  a new plague everywhere.  And what is the lead story on the idiot lantern?  Roseanne Barr!  Sheesh,enough already.

J J  O’Brien rant over… Thanks I feel better now.



Sheesh,the Sun is extra bright today ! His story is history ! No more swim suits & high heels ! Throwing Rocks Into The Sky Another 72 Bite The Dust ! You kids, get off my grass !