I Tried Being Normal Once…

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“Being unconventional is not a bad thing” 

I tried being normal once, and it was awful. You don’t ever get to do what you want, because you’re so busy being worried about what people will say! I wasted so much time trying to be quiet and stay in the space others had allotted for me. One day it dawned on me, why do THEY get to decide what’s the norm? Why should I be apologetic for all my unique quirks?

It’s easier (and healthier!) to embrace being eclectic, and enjoy the things that make you different. You’ll find people who don’t understand why certain things make you so happy, definitely. And that makes it all the more special when you find somebody who looks at you with a big grin and says, “you too?!”

One of my favorite Dolly Parton quotes is “Figure out who you are, and do it on purpose.” If you’re a crazy animal person (uhh, hello!) make the most of it! Dedicate yourself to the rescues and the animals. If helping kids is your passion, pour your heart and soul into being a teacher!

We aren’t all made to be the same, or have the same interests. And, how awful would it be if we were? Blegh! We’d never get to experience anything new.

Celebrate your strangeness. Rock your crazy hair, show off your funky tattoos, and share your strange adventures with those around you!



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