Keep it to Yourself!

Motivational Moments are brought to you by Shreveport Salvage at 3323 Line Avenue

“Be careful with your words”

Oh, I need this stamped on my forehead! So badly.

You would think I’d eventually learn to not just blurt out whatever pops in my head…. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, I think it’s gotten worse as I get older!

I love to sit and people watch. It lets you see little things you wouldn’t notice in a quick, meaningless interaction. I’m like a squirrel, stashing back my acorns of observations about people. And then, POOF! Somebody mentions something in a conversation and I blurt out what I’m thinking.

So your motivation today is to NOT be like Biskie. Be better than Biskie. Don’t share every thought on your mind!


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