Leave That Cushy Spot on the Couch!

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“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone” 

You have to try new things in order to experience new things. I know, novel concept right? Nobody saw that coming!

It really is true though! You have to be a little uncomfortable and try something that isn’t in your normal repertoire.

My personal example is the farmers’ markets! I was a VERY experienced shopper when it came to the markets, but I had zero idea on how to be an actual vendor or how much WORK goes into it.

The first market I did, I was all gung ho. Had my canopy, a table, folding chairs, product, and a change envelope. What I DIDN’T have: tent stakes (canopy immediately blew over, and somebody took pity on us and fixed it) water bottles/snacks (stupid, stupid, STUPID) or any idea on how freaking hot it is outside for hours on a July afternoon! Oh, and I forgot to mention the sweating. A lot of that too! You wouldn’t think the human body could smell so bad…. As you can imagine, I was SO uncomfortable. And so hot, and dehydrated. And sick the next day. But it was all a big learning experience! And it didn’t stop me from going back to do it all over again the next week. 🙂

If we quit something the second it got uncomfortable, we wouldn’t be here.

Challenge yourself today to leave the comfort zone!



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