Make the Most of This Moment!

Motivational Moments are brought to you by Timeline Antiques & Collectibles at 3323 Line Avenue.

“You will never know the value of a moments until it is a memory”

How we all understand this.

Remember how much we HATED naptime as kids? We thought it was the worst thing ever. Who wants to take naps when you could play with everyone?! Now, I’d love to have a nap in the middle of the workday! A cruel irony, indeed.

Think about the people who aren’t here anymore. Little things you used to do together that you took for granted, and you would love to waste time on now. I still have both my grandparents on my dad’s side, but I miss being 5 minutes up the road. I miss going to pick up 1/2 priced cheeseburgers from Sonic on Tuesday evening and having fried taters while Granny Peg clicks her teeth and fusses at Papa for eating too much. Those little moments that were so common and everyday, mean everything when you move away or somebody is gone.

Focus on the little moments today. Answer your child’s imaginary phone. Throw the ball a few more times for the dog. Squeeze your loved ones.