Marie Kondo was WRONG!

You read that right. Marie Kondo was WRONG! Well, sort of.

For those of you that didn’t jump on this trend last year, Marie Kondo is an organizing consultant from Japan who has several books out along with a hit series called “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.”

The premise of the show is that she comes into your home and helps you get your hot mess express together. You’ll walk through each room and choose one area to focus on (ex. closets, toy baskets, pantry) and dump all of the clutter on the floor, then go through each item one by one. You keep only the things that bring you joy. No joy, no good! The stuff you toss, you politely thank it and set it aside. Sounds reasonable, right?

Today’s Motivational Moment is “Joy is not in things”

Puts us as at a bit of a crossroad with sweet Marie, but we’re also kind of running alongside her too!

That new outfit won’t bring you joy. Sure, you’re super proud of how good it looks, but that isn’t joy. The joy of that outfit is when you wear it on a first date, or you get a promotion.

The joy isn’t in the items. It’s in the memories, and mentality associated with your items.

A skillet doesn’t bring me joy. But, the cast iron skillet Granny Peg gave me that her grandmother cooked countless meals in holds a lot of joy for me.

Are you caught up in the “things,” or are you focusing on the joy?



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