Morning Musings with J.J.!

This morning while drinking my twice a week glasses of apple cider vinegar water,out of the fold of my brain comes the name-Mr. Vinegar !
As an aside,yes I did say apple cider vinegar water. Try it. A big glass of water & a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. It’s good for the body,the gut and probably just about everything else.

But back to the aforementioned “Mr. Vinegar”. As I was sipping on my good for what ails you water,BOOM…the character in reading class in 2nd or 3rd grade pops out of my head,to wherever these things land.
Anyone remember such a character? My first guess was from our reading book,”Alice & Jerry”? Yeah,I know, you probably read from the “Dick & Jane” series but at E S Richsrdson Elementary we read from “Alice & Jerry”.

Maybe the apple cider vinegar water will clean the neural receptors and allow me recall
exactly where the character Mr. Vinegar came from. Any ideas?

If I only had a Librarian on which to call.
No wait…..details to follow.

Mr. Vinegar,please report to the synaptic processing center!
Immediately,if not sooner.

Read. Read to your kids. Read to your grandkids. Hey,read to your plants,cats & dogs. Just read !
…And if you’re not careful,you just might learn something.

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