Motivational Moment, or How To Handbook?

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“You teach people how to treat you”

Y’all know I love analogies and cats and dogs, so today’s MM combines both!

Dogs love you, no matter what you do. It’s a very reassuring feeling. Running late to pick them up from the groomers? They don’t care, they’re so excited to see you! Want to snuggle 24/7 on the couch? Great! That’s the best idea you’ve ever had! Want to eat pizza for dinner 5 times in a week? AWESOME, I LOVE PIZZA!

You get the idea. Dogs are constant and generous with their love. They forgive you when you goof up! Some people are like that. They’re happy, encouraging, and love constantly.

Cats are a completely different story. They’ll come get you up in the morning and let you know that it’s time for breakfast. If you’re in luck, you’ll get to rub their whiskers 3 times today instead of the normal 2 that they allow before biting you. Sometimes they’ll come curl up in your lap when you watch tv, and you’ll feel like the most exceptional person in the world because THEY CHOSE YOU.

Point of the story, you become accustomed to what kind of love and treatment suits you best. So you (should) surround yourself with the kind of people that tick all those boxes! Find your people.


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