National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Good morning fellow fur lovers!

You know that each Wednesday I like to take a few minutes to focus on The River’s Pets of the Week, because I’m all about adopting our furry friends and not buying them from a breeder or puppy/kitten mill. Today I want to focus on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day and tell you why I feel so passionately about adopting, not shopping when it comes to your pets!

Each year roughly 2.5 million cats and dogs are euthanized while waiting in a shelter for somebody to give them a chance at a fur-ever home. It’s an ugly subject that nobody likes to discuss or think about, but the fact is that it NEEDS to be talked about! Shelters and rescues are full of happy, healthy animals that are looking for somebody to love them.

As a furmama 2 rescued furbabies, I know how important it is to give these overlooked shelter/rescue babies a chance at finding the perfect family. Both Khan (the cat) and Dottie (the dog) were dumped in front of our farm in Tennessee by people who were too irresponsible and heartless to care about what would happen to animals dumped on a busy road.

Khan wouldn’t have survived had we not found him, because he was an itty bitty 3-4 week old kitten that had been abandoned by his momma and whoever owned them. We never found any sign of siblings or a momma cat, so we have no idea what he’d been through. He came to us with a scratched up nose, an eye that was swollen shut from infection, and the biggest meow and personality you’ve ever seen in a little ball of fluff! I knew nothing about raising kittens, but I knew this fuzzbutt needed my help. 5 years later, he’s still got me wrapped around his paw.

Dottie is another heartbreaking story that turned into a fairytail! My husband found Dottie waiting on our front porch one day when he came home from running errands. It was cold and rainy, so she was shivering, muddy, and starving. He brought her inside and gave her a bath, pulling gobs of fleas and ticks off in the process. Once she was dry and relaxed, he fed her and started contacting neighbors and shelters to see if anyone was missing this sweet dog with the big eyes! When I got home that afternoon, I noticed she was favoring her back leg and seemed to have a little hitch in her giddyup. (The vet later decided it came from being pitched out of a moving car and landing wrong.) Nobody came forward to claim the little speckled pup, so she quickly became a big part of our family!

People can scoff when I say I consider myself a mom. True, I’m not a mom to a human baby that I gave birth to, but I’m mom to 2 of the greatest floofins in the world (totally no bias here!) Khan and Dottie may be a little furrier than your kids, (and yes, they do have more legs!) but they depend on me. I take them to their doctor for regular checkups and shots, I make sure that they get enough social interaction, that they bathe on a regular basis, that they’re out of harm’s way, that they get enough exercise, and they have a good, healthy diet. I mean let’s face it, I care so much about what these two eat that I started a company that gives other’s a healthy alternative for their pets too! Just like a human parent, I want the best for my kids.

So by now, I think you get it. Pets play a huge part in our lives! I want as many cats and dogs as possible to have the best quality of life. It breaks my heart to think about what could have easily happened to Khan and Dottie had we not found them.

But as heartbreaking as it is thinking about cats and dogs in shelters/rescues, these organizations deserve a huge pat on the back for what they do for our animal community! They take in unwanted animals, feed them, vet them, and provide lots of care that these neglected babies weren’t getting. It’s not a small feat to take on tasks like these. It’s emotionally and financially draining, because you always see how much more could be done, and how many more animals need help. That’s why it’s important to take time to recognize what our shelters and rescues do on a daily basis for these forgotten pets.

Many folks don’t know what they’re missing out on when it comes to adopting a shelter pet, or simply volunteering.  A shelter pet will be one of the most appreciative pets you’ll ever come across. They’ll love you unconditionally, and bring more joy to your life than you could imagine!

I know you probably get tire of hearing me talk about the cats and dogs and all the rescues and shelters in the area, but it’s so important that we continue to talk about them and remind folks why it’s so important to #adoptnotshop!

But if reading or sharing this helps save just one cat or dog, I’ve done my job. Please, won’t you help? <3





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