Pets of the Week!

Here are The River’s Pets of the Week brought to you by Maria’s House of Grooming!


This is your chance to find your new furry best friend!



This week, we’re tag teaming with our cats! Jerry (left) and June (right) are siblings that came from animal control as kittens. They were super skittish but are doing much better! Both are fixed, and enjoy snuggling and playing. They enjoy you petting them once they get to know you!To adopt the J babies, contact Port City Cat Rescue at

This shy girl is Casita! A 9 yr old Chinese Crested pupper that can be a bit shy at first, but is so very sweet. Casita camefrom the Houston Animal Shelter. She was part of a large seizure of 242 dogs and nearly 50 miniature horses all suffering from severe neglect that occurred in August. The dogs lived their lives in cages with wire floors; each cage holding multiple dogs. The conditions were HORRIFIC.  In Casita’s case, she has had multiple litters in her life so she’s had more human contact than most that come from a puppy mill situation. Casita is cautious at first and will need work to overcome her distrust of humans. She does not bite or growl… she simply stiffens when approached or picked up. She does not come when called… but may given time with a human she can learn to trust. Her adopter will need to be very patient with her and understanding as she navigates a whole new world and life. Our desire is that she be adopted to a home with the means and time to devote to her to show her the true meaning of being a happy, healthy and much-loved dog. if you’re the perfect match for Casita, please contact Ninna’s Road to Rescue at

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