Put Down the Sword & Shield, and Wipe the Smug Off Your Face

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“Be selective with your battles, sometimes peace is better than right” 

Ooooooh. Ok, fine.

I mean, I know this. But always doing it is another story!

One of the most gratifying feelings in the world is being right. A feeling of smug superiority can be so lovely. Watching somebody who has argued with you til they’re blue in the face realize they were wrong can be so pleasing.

BUT, what if the person you’re arguing with is a coworker? Or your spouse? EEEEEK. Yes, you get to feel high and mighty about being right, but then you have to deal with the cold shoulder at home or on a project you tackle together.

Learning to bite your tongue and choose what’s worth fighting over in the long run is an important life skill. You have to learn how to work with people!  If you can’t mingle without insulting, you won’t accomplish much.