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“Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our tallest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. We will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail” ~ George W. Bush 

I remember vividly where I was that day. I was in 4th grade, on the playground at recess. It seemed to be longer that day, but I just assumed it was because we were all having a good time playing in the cooler weather. When it was time to go inside, a girl who had been making up a test in the library told us that the towers had been hit. She was known to make things up, so we all dismissed her. Then our teacher came in the room crying, and told us what happened. Our school wasn’t far from Oak Ridge, (where they have all the nuclear power plants) so we immediately went on lockdown until school was dismissed that afternoon. Honestly, it was hard to comprehend everything going on because it happened so quickly, and all of the adults were so distraught. We knew something horrible was happening, but we didn’t understand the magnitude or why people would want to hurt each other.

Looking at the photos, the memorials, the tributes, all of the posts on Facebook makes me cry. For the ones we lost and the ones who were left behind grieving. We were ALL affected by this act of terrorism. But it’s so important to remember all of these emotions; even the painful ones. Remembering how we felt, and how we pulled together as nation after the tragedy is what matters. Making sure we never forget those who left us, and those who came forward to help.



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