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Ryan Radio Discovers Unsettling Facts

Private Inspector Detective

Ryan Radio diligently applies meticulous methods to extract information to ensure everyone’s life is much richer for it. Such research, at times, reveals unsettling facts. We discovered 2,000 subjects (humans, of course) were asked about SIGNIFICANT Time Wasters – at Work. The result is riveting:

  • ┬áChecking the weather
  • ┬áChecking your bank balance
  • Paying a bill
  • Checking train times (this is critical!)
  • Using the photocopier/scanner for your own documents (clear the job list!)
  • Checking a menu of a restaurant you were planning to visit
  • Booking a doctor’s appointment
  • Printing off concert tickets (also critical!)
  • Browsing Facebook (busted!)

DISCLAIMER: To preserve the unimpeachable quality of the Ryan Radio Program, OUR staff does NONE of this while actually producing it…!

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