Sheesh,the Sun is extra bright today !

IN SPACE - FEBRUARY 15: In a screen grab taken from a handout timelapse sequence provided by NASA / SDO, a solar spot in the centre of the Sun is captured from which the first X-class flare was emitted in four years on February 14, 2011. The images taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft reveal the source of the strongest flare to have been released in four years by the Sun, leading to warnings that a resulting geo-magnetic storm may cause disruption to communications and electrical supplies once it reaches the earths magnetic field. (Image by NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory via Getty Images)

“ Dear Mr. Fantasy,
Play us a tune. Something to make us all happy…”

Sincerely yours,

J J. O’Brien

Happy Summer Solstice , you Henge hounds!



His story is history ! No more swim suits & high heels ! Throwing Rocks Into The Sky Another 72 Bite The Dust ! I heard the news today-OH BOY !!! You kids, get off my grass !