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J.J. O’brien

I was siting in the studio of the radio station in my hometown. My best friend had landed a job there after school. I remember it to this very day. At the ripe old age of 16, I said to myself,”I would like to do this.” An opening for High School Reporter become available, so naturally I grabbed the microphone and ran with it. And that’s the beginning of my illustrious broadcasting career. From Louisiana to Kanas to Texas and all parts in between, I’ve been “a radio vagabond.” I’ve met all the stars,starred in all the plays, listened to the words of some incredible songs, but the best part of my radio day is getting to know you guys

It’s been wild, crazy, scary, invigorating, frustrating stimulating, motivating, educating and most of all lots of fun. Hopefully you as a listener can agree with “fun” part! I truly love all kinds of music. I still get a thrill out of hearing something new and fresh. After being behind a microphone for over 40 years. I still can’t think of any other job that I would like to do. As long as you keep listening,I’ll keep playing your favorite songs, weekday afternoons. 3-7 on 95.7 THE RIVER’S GREATEST HITS!