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Sweet & Sassy

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

In a world where women tear each other down, these crazy ladies are here to build you up. 💖 Catch Sweet (Biskie Duncan)  and Sassy (Lynn Vance)  on The River 957 every Friday afternoon from 1-2! These two are always finding something fun to do in our community, so tag along and get ready to laugh at the messes they get into! Get to know the girls below, and a little better every Friday!

Lynn Vance began her broadcasting career in 2009 at KTAL NBC 6 in Shreveport. She currently works in the newsroom as an assignment editor. In January of 2017, a unique opportunity came along for Lynn to have her own show and that’s when ‘The Lynn Vance Show’ began. Each episode, Lynn introduces you to local people and places to open your mind and heart to all the good things that are in our area.  This past January Lynn’s show marked its 100th webisode and celebrated with a 30-minute TV special on KSHV. Along with the LVS, Lynn now enjoys sitting next to Biskie for the Sweet & Sassy Radio Show every Friday on the River 95.7 from 3 pm to 6pm.  In her spare time, Lynn enjoys hanging out with her fur babies Lexi, Molly and Casper.

As for Biskie, you know by now that she’s the crazy cat lady! Well, lets be fair…. Crazy cat AND dog lady! Biskie started with 95.7 back in 2014 doing the evening shift, and mornings with The Ryan Radio Program. Over the years, she’s moved into the normal daylight hours and become even quirkier than before! Chances are on the weekends you’ll find her at a local farmers’ market, an animal related event, or curled up on the couch under her 3 furbabies Dottie, Khan, and Minnie while her sweet Air Force hubby Josh refills her champagne glass.



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