SPLASH! Who has the best public pool?

Summer is officially here!!!

Well, the first official day of summer hasn’t happened yet…. But with every single day this week being 80+ for the high, I’d say summer is here!

And summer means two things in the South.


2.Pool time!!!

I’ve got the grilling covered on all fronts. I’ve got a little gas grill for those quick evenings when you want to toss a steak on there and be done ASAP, and I’ve got the behemoth smoker that can handle a big ole brisket, wings, ribs, and a ham all at once! *Drool* Have I mentioned how much I enjoy eating?

But then we come to the second item on the list…. I’m totally pool-less. And for good reason, because I’m too lazy to handle the upkeep required to keep a pool nice!

However, my brother is coming soon to stay for a while and he’s requested a few chillaxing afternoons by the pool. Here’s my dilemma, he’s 18 so we can’t hit up the nice casino pools. So who has the BEST public pool in town?! We’re talking band-aid free, crystal clear waters that are perfect for an afternoon of relaxing or splashing. And did I mention that it needs to be before Memorial Day??? Yeah, that makes the search harder. HELP!

Requirements for the best pool:

  1. Clean! No band-aids, hair clumps, or Caddyshack instances
  3. Accommodating to all ages
  4. Must be able to snag a day pass instead of full membership


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