Take a Chill Pill, Man!

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“Chill in all the chaos” 

Life is hectic.

Did you giggle when you read that? I did! Hectic seems like an understatement for everything expected from us on a daily basis. We have to give our best performance at our jobs, and then when the day is over we come home to clean, cook, and pay bills.

Sometimes I just dream of running away and not doing ANY of it. Wouldn’t it be glorious to be the most irresponsible creature and not worry about how the bills get paid, or where your food comes from? Unfortunately, us plain Jane average schmoes don’t have that luxury.

But even though we have a MILLION things going on at any given moment, it’s really important to carve out a little piece of time for yourself to decompress from all the stress. Let me give you some personal insight…

Believe it or not, I’m a huge introvert. I love my privacy. I adore being left alone with my books and fuzzbutts, and not talking to other human beings. Some days it’s hard to have to do all the people-ing, and all the interaction. It throws off my mojo, and hurts mentally and physically when I get too overwhelmed by all of the talking, noise, and neediness that comes with it. So I have to have a little bit of peace. Either a long walk when the weather is nice, a nap, or just silence to let my brain reset. It may seem silly, or selfish to other people but it’s really important to my health to have that chill time.

Learn what helps you chill.