That’s Life!

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“Happiness is letting go of what you think life should look like” 

Take a look at those goofy furry kids in this photo. Most people would say I’m nuts because of how spoiled my furbabies are. And they’d say it’s silly for me to call them my kids when they aren’t even human.

But, you know what? Those 3 little smooshes make me happier than a human kid ever could!

People have this conception that in order to be happy, you have to have a perfect family, nice car, big house, well paying job, etc.

Forget that. All you need to be happy is WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Some people need the things I listed above, while others are perfectly content with an RV traveling across America.

Each of our lives are different. Why should our happiness have to be based on the same things?

Let go of the expected, and find what makes your life happy.


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