There’s More Than What You See…

“Look past the imperfections”

With everything! People, pets, books, food, etc.

Just going off the first glance is a sure fire way to miss out on something great.

Some of the best pets are the scruffy, goofy looking dogs that people pass by every day in the rescue. Or the cat with the missing ear and hoarse meow. Take an extra minute to interact with them, and you’ll be amazed at the love these babies have waiting for you. <3

It’s the same with people! It’s pretty unlikely that we all end up with a super model who is perfectly tidy, always thoughtful, and is fabulously wealthy. BUT, we can still end up with the great love of our life! The person who makes you laugh so hard Dr. Pepper sprays out your nose. Or that special someone who knows that when you’re sick, all you want is a big fluffy blanket and your fuzzbutts.

Love isn’t the beautiful, shiny aura you see in the movies. Love can be gritty, uneven, and unexpected.

Dig deeper today, and look past the surface.


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