Throwing Rocks Into The Sky

Something about about the heat of a Sunday June day vibrates with echoes,calling from days that evaporated much too fast. But like some kind of tuning fork humming after being tapped by a
memory from Summer1961 in flight to a destination,still vibrating,yet incomplete and not yet done.

Funny how those then free form,thought insignificant nano-moments,were purposefully filed away until our older selves could
understand their value.

Gazing up into the nighttime sky,6 Miles from the nearest city lights . The Milky Way loomed like a destined to be traveled path. A trail to be taken.
And 777 billion stars glowed like
Christmas lights as white,bright diamonds broken from their fine chain and scattered with exact precision.

At the dusk of day,like precise atomic,quartz crystal clocks,the thumbnail sized frogs started their peeping. That was soon followed by the weeping wail of loneliness personified,a single whippoorwill. Soon followed by another, miles deep in the wood.
As loved ones sat in the yard,at that melancholy bird’s lament,conversation stopped. The adults were carried once more to a childhood memory. Somehow we,the fleeting young, grasped The specialness
of the moment and honored it with silence.

Perhaps it was in that silence that allowed our heart and brain
to create that special cache where the important stuff is stored,to be retrieved upon demand, in all its beauty and power.

Kind of like the times you stared at clover bursting with color and the thought pops into your mind of a wild hog & the red bush. Or the days you gained unexplained pleasure and bliss throwing rocks up into the shy,knowing that one day,one rock would not return to earth. Surely God would catch it and put it in his pocket,only to place it in your hand when we can finally meet face to face.
“Throwing Rocks Into The Sky”
-dubbie-  ( j.j.  o’brien )



Sheesh,the Sun is extra bright today ! His story is history ! No more swim suits & high heels ! Another 72 Bite The Dust ! I heard the news today-OH BOY !!! You kids, get off my grass !