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Assorted collection of old vintage alarm clocks sitting on a rustic kitchen bench.

Funny,this thing called time.
We caress it, but it follows its own line.
Or so we think.
Minutes become hours & days turn to years.
Then like a lightning vapor,
Time is gone in what seems like a blink.
Mixed in with laughter,alongside with the tears.
But time’s path is not straight nor linear at all.
Instead,always circling & soaring
Above the tall,the short,the thin & the thick of it all,even around the big & the small.
Maybe time’s not even real?
Perhaps an illusion,
A holding place for memory,assuredness & confusion.
A card catalog file that we can go back to and contemplate & feel.
Always flowing in a circle .
While on down a line,an end.
But in the completeness of 360 degrees of wisdom,understanding & knowing,answers await.
Realizing, that it’s in the coming together and reasoning the end can only be understood from the beginning.
And this thing called time is much less an enemy and more like a friend.
June 22, 2019

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