Too Much of a Good Thing?

My husband gives me a hard time about one of my weird little quirks that I have…..

I love sales. And coupons. And hoarding groceries/household items!!!!

I get a little panicked if I have less than 3 containers of laundry detergent in the house. There’s always an extra bottle of dish soap under the sink.

So maybe I have a little bit of a problem…..

But I like to point out that I am ALWAYS prepared for an apocalypse, or unexpected house guest.

I’ve always got brand new toiletries in the guest bathroom, and of course a stash of new toothbrushes in case somebody forgets theirs!

But as you can see from this photo, my DAD has me beat when it comes to hoarding groceries! I told him I wanted him to let me know how long it takes him to use all that syrup…. He said 2 weeks.




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