Well, I Fail at This….

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“Make your bed–it’s just about discipline” 

In that case, I have ZERO discipline!

I rarely make the bed. Now, I don’t leave the blankets on the floor or wadded up in a tangled mess either. I sort of pull them back up toward the pillow, but I don’t do hospital corners with properly fluffed pillow and a throw placed “just so.”

It’s not that I’m opposed to that at all! It’s just that I have 3 pets and a husband who love to roll in the bed the second the blankets are nice and tidy…. Instead of getting upset that the bed wasn’t how I wanted it, I just decided it was easier to let the masses have their way. Is that lazy? Probably, but it doesn’t bother me much. 😉 I’d rather have happy, snuggly critters instead.

How many of you actually make your bed every day??


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