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“Choose to see the good in others” 

Yes, even that cantankerous cashier that never seems to be in a good mood. I suppose even the Devil himself had redeeming qualities, once upon a time.

We’ve all got flaws. Ugly little traits that are petty and unpleasant. Think about your worse characteristics. REALLY focus on them. Now, think about some positive things you have going for you! What are some of the best things about you?

If you get too caught up looking for only negative things, that’s all you’ll ever see in a person. The way that they cut other people off to share their stories, or how they don’t understand the timing of when to share things.  Instead, try focusing on some of the good things they do! Maybe they’re the first to volunteer when a project needs doing. Or they pick up coffee for the whole office!

It’s hard, I totally get it. But choose to look at the good today!


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