Whatever the Year Throw at You, Hold on to This One Thing…

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“Dwell in hope” 

This year has had a bumpy start. Politics, natural disasters, threat of wars, death, you name it—all the bad things have happened so far in 2020. It’s nerve-wracking, ulcer inducing, and a tremendous cause of anxiety to everyone (myself included.) We’re not even 2 weeks into a new year!!! How is it possible that it’s already starting out so brutal? If the beginning of a year is this bad, how is the rest of the year going to be any better?

One of the bosses said something to me earlier this week about a crazy stressful situation, “I would rather this happen on day 6 instead of day 356. We’ve got plenty of time to make it up.”

That is the perspective we need to maintain. Our situations this year may not always be ideal, but you have to hope and work for better things. If you don’t have hope, nothing can inspire you to be more or do more.

Don’t give up on 2020. We’re still strong, we’re still determined, and we still have HOPE!


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