What’s Your Tribe Like?

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“Your vibe attracts your tribe” 

Honesty compels me to admit that my tribe is on the smaller side. But, my tribe is fierce and loyal beyond belief.

Those are the people I want around me! I want the people who aren’t afraid to be passionate about their work, and the things they believe in. My favorite people are the ones who are straight forward and have no time for the nonsense and drama that the world thrives on. I love the people who can be outspoken at times, but know when it’s best to walk away. These are MY people.

Your vibe may be different! You may prefer the quiet folks who keep to themselves, or maybe the stars of the show. Put your best vibe out there, and see who is drawn to you.

The flip side is, if you’re surrounded by negative/yucky people–ask yourself why? Why are they clinging to you? What can you do to change that?


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