Where is Everyone?!

You may have noticed yesterday (and today!) that The River 957 seems to be flying solo…

No, we weren’t abducted by aliens! Let’s be honest, they’d probably send us back any way.

Since the beginning of Covid-19, all of us Alpha Dogs have been on staggered shifts so we can best manage social distancing, and give each of us plenty of time to clean the studios before and after we use them. While we’re all a fan of dirty jokes in our building, the last thing we want is for anyone to get sick.

My inner germaphobe is currently doing a major happy dance, because our building has been undergoing hardcore cleaning and sanitation over the past 48 hours! I’ve always been the one to have extra lysol wipes hoarded away, along with 2 or 3 travel bottles of hand sanitizer in my purse, so you can guess how exciting this is for me… As I type, I’m imagining the crew in the HAZMAT suits from E.T. spraying down our studios and offices to make them squeaky clean and safe.

Fingers crossed, we’ll be back in your ear and nagging you from our studio starting at 6am tomorrow with The Ryan Radio Program!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you what’s been happening at my house! By no means am I a good document-er with photos, so you have to use your imagination for some of it.

First, we moved furniture into what I affectionately call the “Ladies Lounge” since it seems like Dottie, Minnie, and I are the only ones who actually like to sit in here. This is where I come sit to drink my coffee, work remotely, and watch the squirrels and birds try to eat my produce. The furniture is desperate need of reupholstering after years of countless guests and kiddos like myself playing on it, but it’s sentimental value is unmatched. It’s has been schlepped around by who knows how many members of my family, but I do know that it belonged to my great-grandmother and is easily over a hundred years old.

After moving the couches and chairs, I was feeling nostalgic and hungry, so I went to work trying to recreate Granny Peg’s pound cake! While it isn’t an exact duplicate, (that sneaky little woman never writes out recipes!) there hasn’t been much complaining from the peanut gallery….

There’s also some other notable food mentions, like the brisket burritos Josh made yesterday!

In between my trips to the kitchen, I’ve been doing some reading, binging a little tv, and of course–baking dog treats.

If I had to guess what the rest of our crew has been doing over the past few day, I’d say that Larry has been practicing his Price is Right skills while eating scrambled eggs or a tuna sandwich, and thinking of ways to zing us all! Mr. Weather has probably been dismantling and cleaning the weather machine to get rid of any dust or excess moisture. Howard has been doing extensive research on how to best assemble a morning podcast while everyone is socially distanced. JJ is in the depths of mystical music lyrics, and Bobby is working his horticultural wizardry on the garden.

We’ll do our best to keep you entertained on Facebook, and you can always catch your favorite tunes right here on our website!

Until next time,


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