You kids, get off my grass !

“The times,they are a changing.” AGAIN !
While we Boomers were meeting with our financial planners,tweeking last minute details to our portfolios for retirement- we were replaced!
We had a good run. We did.
It’s official,the largest demographic in the work place is Millenials .  Look for the Ad/Marketing World to court & spark that cell of socio-financial base ‘til they fade away.

Hey,you kids turn down that music & stay out of our grass.

You really know nothing about sacrifice. Why, our generation had to walk to Woodstock!

We can now embarrass them by
turning up our Pink Floyd music
LOUD while at the stoplight on the way to pick up our ‘scripts at Walgreens.

“…shine on you crazy diamond”

~ J J   O’Brien ~



Sheesh,the Sun is extra bright today ! His story is history ! No more swim suits & high heels ! Throwing Rocks Into The Sky Another 72 Bite The Dust ! I heard the news today-OH BOY !!!