You Mean it’s ME, Not YOU?!

“We create our own stress” 

Well this was an eye opener for me today.

I confess that I get stressed easily. But as my husband likes to point out, I do it to myself. I’m not happy unless I have a thousand projects going, but then I get mad because I have a thousand projects that need my attention. So it’s really my fault because I choose this mess….

It can be the same way with people too. We choose to surround ourselves with folks that suck the life out of us and make us so upset. Instead, we need to learn how to tune those people out or just figure out how to distance ourselves entirely.

Don’t let yourself be stressed. If you feel it building up, find some happy release. Walk the dog an extra lap or two through the neighborhood. Take a bubble bath. Buy an indulgent bottle of true French champagne. Do something good for you that reminds you who YOU are.


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